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Volume 5
Issue 1
May 2011
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EditorialThe privatisation of Iraq
Lesley Pocock

Said Elfakhani, Nabil El Meslmani

Mobile Virtual Network Operators in Sultanate of Oman- Step to create competition
N. P. Singh

A New Business Model and Value Creation Dynamic for Saudi Arabian Higher Education
Brandon Bretl

UAE’s best banks
B Rajesh Kumar

Feature: Art as Furniture
Julian Mayor design

Volume 6
Issue 2
May 2011
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List of articles
Determinants of Iranian Investment in Dubai's Real Estate Sector
Hassan Gholipour Fereidouni, Meisam Namdar
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.62025
Intercultural Leadership and Communication in Global Business
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.62026
Fossil fuels, Renewable Energy and the Middle East
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.62027
The world game playing on the micro and macro levels
Paul Cogger
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.62028
Asia Healthcare Operations Summit Successfully Launched
Mandy Lee
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.62029
Healthcare Operations Management India 2011
Aliyyah Nuha Faiqah
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.62030


Volume 6 Issue 3
August 2011
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List of articles

CMO Council Appoints Prominent Marketing Executives To Regional Advisory Boards In Emerging Markets
Matt Martini
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.63062
Digital Marketing Effectiveness and Social Media Integration, Measurement and Alignment are the Priorities for Marketers Seeking Increased Visibility and Accountability
Liz Miller
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.63063
Global Operators Beset by Misalignment and Legacy Mindset, Ignoring Routes to Revenue, and Struggling with Using Subscriber Data to Improve Customer Experience
Kevin Sugarman
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.63064
Utility Marketers Deploying Data-Driven Solutions To Lead Wallet-Weary Customers Beyond Billing Blues And Meter Frustration
CMO Council
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.63065
Chief Marketers Adjusting To New Role As Change Agents And Catalysts For Corporate Purpose And Functional Synergy
CMO Council
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.63066

MEJB MUSINGS:A "Talking Soul" Speaking the Truth
Jim Anderson
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.63067

Consumer Trust in E-commerce
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.63068

How to write an acceptable abstract for a scientific, medical or business paper
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.63069

Volume 6
Issue 4
November 2011
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List of articles
Economic Recovery in MENA Region: The Path Ahead
B Rajesh Kumar
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.64097
Evaluating the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests - in search of a better world for the 100%
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.64098
Hot Spots Vs Balanced Score Card
Abdul Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.64099
How to critically review a scientific, medical or business paper
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.64100
Art Feature:
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2011.64101
Volume 7 Issue 1
February 2012
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List of articles

Making Equity Investing Decisions: A Survey of UAE Investors
Lawrence Tai
Small group teaching in medical and health education: A perspective of the developing world
Mohsen Rezaeian
Tourism in Dubai: The Sunrise Sector
B Rajesh Kumar

The art of Anthony Syndicas
Anthony Syndicas

April 2015
Volume 10, Issue 2
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Volume 7 Issue 2
April 2012

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  List of Articles
The Economic and Financial Dynamics of the Arab Region
B Rajesh Kumar
How to Select a Committed Employee
Hisham Hamid Hawass
Morality, Ethics and Business - a critique of Global Corporate Governance
Abdulrazak Abyad
Journey of Hope: A project under the patronage of HH The Ruler of Kuwait
Poetry -Libya wake Up Call
Ebtisam Elghblawi
The Art of Diahann Syndicas
Volume 7
Issue 3
July 2012

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  List of Articles
Defining and Surviving the Global Financial Crisis # 2
Lesley Pocock
Strategic Adoption of Multi-Channel Banking by Customers in the UAE
Vimi Jham, Eric Van Genderen
Strategic Management : White Collin Strategic Management Book - a review
Abdul Abyad
Can Trade Unions play an effective role in defending workers’ rightsin the Bangladesh Ready-made Garment industry?
Ferdous Ahamed
Methodological issues and their impacts on suicide studies
Mohsen Rezaeian
Volume 7
Issue 4

October 2012

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  List of Articles
Climate Change and Corporate Environmental Responsibility
Dewan Mahboob Hossain, Jahangir Alam Chowdhury
The relationship between financial development and economic growth convergence
Ali Karshenasan, Asgar Mobarak
Modern HR/IR practices and monitoring surveillance system could improve labour standards in the Bangladesh Ready-made Garment Sector
Ferdous Ahamed

Could a tripartite wage commission remove labour unrest in the Bangladesh Ready-made Garment Sector?
Ferdous Ahamed

The Retail Banking Sector in an Oil-Rich Economy
Sarah Al-Shamali, Fahad Al-Shamali, Mamdouh El-Shebiny

The Art of Ali Tawfik

Volume 8
Issue 1
January 2013
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  List of Articles
Editorial: Killing the goose
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.81184
The Trendy World in Which we Live: ‘Flat’, ‘Spiky’, or ‘Wavy’?
Eric Van Genderen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.81185
The Disclosure of IAS/BAS to the extent of largest application in some selected Banking Companies- Bangladesh perspective
Kazi Ayesha Siddiqua, Sazzadur Rahman Khan, Fatima Binte Shams
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.81186

The Impact of Recent Global Recession on the Indian Textile Industry
Purna Chandra Padhan, K S Sujit
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.81187

Background of History of Bangladesh and Ready-made Garment Industry: Key challenges in the RMG Industry
Ferdous Ahamed
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.81188

Safety and Quality in Primary Health Care - the role of Family Physicians in developing countries
Manzoor Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.81189

How a medical school could establish a tie with local high school pupils: some practical approaches reporting from Rafsanjan Medical School
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.81190

Ibn Khaldun on the Aspects of Making a Living: A Socio-Economic Analysis
Dewan Mahboob Hossain, Sohela Mustari
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.81191

The Contribution of Tourism To Economic Growth in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam
Nguyen Ho Minh Trang, Nguyen Huu Chau Duc
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.81192

Volume 8
Issue 2
April 2013
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  List of Articles
What is strategy: Back to basics
Eric Van Genderen
Competition and Efficiency of GCC National Banks
Lawrence Tai
Shareholders Vs. Stakeholders the Battle Continues
Abdul Abyad

Socio-economic Situation of the Indigenous People in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh
Dewan Mahboob Hossain

Improving safety and quality in Emergency First Response in Rawalpindi district, Punajb, Pakistan
Manzoor Butt
Does Australia need a constitutional Bill of Rights?
Ferdous Ahamed
Volume 8
Issue 3
July 2013
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  List of Articles

Lesley Pocock

Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Effective Andragogy
Eric Van Genderen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.83281
Job Stress among Hospital Employees in Middle East: Social Support and Type A Behavior as Moderators
Muhammad Jamal
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.83282
IT Security Consultancy in Malaysia: Hindrances and Impacts
Mutasim Elsadig Adam, Md. Anisur Rahman, Omar Mokhles Barzak Mohammed A. F. Salah, Jamaludin Bin Ibrahim
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.83283
The Destitute Elderly of Bangladesh: Socio-economic Perspective
Faruque Hossain
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.83284
China Business Model: Does it improve Business Environment?
Ferdous Ahamed
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.83285
Heroes of the World: Professor Rizwana Chaudhri, the Pride of Pakistan
Manzoor Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.83286
Volume 8 Issue 4
October 2013

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  List of Articles

Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.84308

Emotional Intelligence, Communication, and Technology: Defining the New Professional
Eric Van Genderen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.84309
Islamic Banking Reinterpretation of the Stakeholder Theory (August 2013)
Fahad A. Al-Shamali, Amir Sharif, Zahir Irani
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.84310
Social Capital and Microfinance: The Case of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh
Dewan Mahboob Hossain
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.84311

How to prepare and update your curriculum vitae
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.84312

Professor Atifa Shuaib - A Divine gift for Pakistani Thalassemia Major Patients
Manzoor Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2013.84313
Volume 9 Issue 1
January 2014
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  List of Articles

Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.91367

‘Strategic Coaching’ and Consulting: More Similar than Meets the Eye
Eric Van Genderen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.91368
Sustainable Development and Islam: Is Religious Teaching Invalid?
Dewan Mahboob Hossain
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.91369
Women’s Status in the Labor Market: Canada versus the UAE
Sasha Hodgson
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.91370
Epidemiological migrant studies within the Eastern Mediterranean Region: A bibliometric analysis of the indexed literature in PubMed and a call for more studies
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.91371
To what extent can the U.S. BIT Model (2012) approach resolve Business Disputes?
Ferdous Ahamed
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.91372
Export Performance of Malaysian Furniture Industry: Rethinking Competitiveness
Ahasanul Haque, Seyama Sultana, Abdul Momen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.91373

Volume 9 Issue 2
April 2014
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  List of Articles

Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92378

The Inner Game of Executive Coaching: Integrity, Leadership, and Change
Eric Van Genderen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92379
Pragmatic Pathways -change is in the air“ Preparing Youth for a new alternative economy in the GCC region”
Lubna Javed Rizvi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92380
Enforcing Nationalization in the GCC: Private sector progress, strategy and policy for sustainable nationalization
Sasha Hodgson, Darren Hanson
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92381

The Impact of Emiratisation on Job Description Issues
Asma Omar Alabdelkarim, May Khamis Muftah, Sasha Hodgson
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92382

Exploring the Brand Image of an Islamic Higher Educational Institution: A Qualitative Approach
Abdul Momen, Ahasanul Haque, Azura Omar, Seyama Sultana
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92383
How to prepare a thesis for submission
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92384


Volume 9, Issue 3
July 2014
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  List of articles
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92504

The Outer Game of Strategic Coaching:
Principles and Professional Development
Eric Van Genderen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92505
A Study on Green IT Enablers for Saudi Arabian Consumer Purchasing Behaviour Using Structural Equation Modelling
Sania Khan, Mohammed Shahid Ahamed Khan,
D. Ravinath

DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92506
A cross sectional study of online shopping behavior trends of electronics in UAE: A case of Ajman
Sonia Singh, Bhopendra Singh
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92507
Corporate Contribution in the Health Sector: The Case of Bangladeshi Banking Companies
Dewan Mahboob Hossain, Nurazzura Mohamad Diah
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92508
The Effect of Job Rotation on employees in organizations in the UAE
Sasha Hodgson, Maleeha Al Shehhi, Eman Al-Marzouqi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92509
Suicide in the middle-eastern countries: Introducing the new emerging pattern and a framework for prevention
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92510
Renal Dialysis Center at Holy Family Hospital:
A joint venture of Rawalians and Holy Family Hospital for benefit of poor patients

Manzoor Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92511
Gaza's Ark: The Freedom Flotilla continues after the terrorist attack
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92512

Volume 9, Issue 4
October 2014
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  List of Articles
Editorial: Change
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92565

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) - documenting the story of one of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds.
Sasha Hodgson
Insight into and Impact of Abu Dhabi Municipality on Abu Dhabi City: An Interview with Abdulaziz Al Kindi, Senior Contract Manager
Sasha Hodgson, Hamad Al Neyadi, Mohamed Al Jabri
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92571
The Development of Social and Environmental Reporting Research on Bangladeshi Organizations: A Postcolonial Critique
Dewan Mahboob Hossain
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92567
Strategic Knowledge Sharing: Culture Acting as an Inhibitor
Eric Van Genderen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92566
Economic and Financial System in Middle East - An Examination
B Rajesh Kumar
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92568
Recurrent flash floods in areas surrounding Nullah Lai, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Manzoor Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92570
Civil war, Libya-Tripoli 2014
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2014.92572


Volume 10, Issue 1
January 2015
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  List of Articles

Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92592

Russian Business Leadership: A Study of Managers Working within MNCs
Eric Van Genderen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92593
The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Efficiency and Financial Performance of GCC National Banks
Lawrence Tai
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92594
Audit quality influencing factors: Comparative study between Islamic and Conventional banks in Malaysia
Chaabane Oussama Houssem Eddine
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92595
MH17: Did safety come first?
Sasha Hodgson, Mariam Al Haddad, Salama Al Zaabi, Sumaya Abdulrahim
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92596
Social Marketing, Education and the Female Workforce: A Comparison of United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Noura Al Rashedi, Abdullah Al Shamsi, Mohamed Rashed, Tomasz Sinczak, Sasha Hodgson, Kate O’Neil
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92597
Customer progression and perception about premium men’s apparel brands: A case of Indian male professionals
Supriti Agarwal, Sonia Singh
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92598
Hazards to environmental health of Rawal watershed due to rapid urbanization and deforestation
Amna Butt

DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92599
How to select a relevant journal to submit and publish your manuscript
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92600
Information Security Aligned To Enterprise Management
Istikoma, Nurul Fahimah Bt Fakhri, Qurat-ul-Ain, Jamaludin Ibrahim
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92601
April 2015
Volume 10, Issue 2
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Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92632

The impact of advance management accounting techniques on performance: The case of Malaysia
Abdullah Mohamed Ahmed Ayedh, Chaabane Oussama Houssem Eddine
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92633

Garment Industry in Bangladesh: An Era of Globalization and Neo-Liberalization
Anam Ullah

Evaluation of increasing susceptibility of areas surrounding Kala Bagh Dam, Pakistan to flood risk: A review
Amna Butt, Aisha Khan, Sheikh Saeed Ahmad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92635

Pakistan Environmental Movement Revisited
Rabail Urooj
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92636

Al Ghurair Group: A Crossroads in Corporate Strategy
Vimi Jham, Anupam Mehta, Eric Van Genderen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92637

How to avoid the rejection of your manuscript
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92638

Use of illegal toxic alcohol is killing hundreds every year in Pakistan; family physicians have to play a more proactive role in saving precious lives
Manzoor Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92639

Is Neoliberal Globalization Grief for Labour? An Experience of Bangladeshi Garment Industry
Anam Ullah
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92640

August 2015
Volume 10, Issue 3
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Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92709

Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Decision Making: Evidence from Jordan
Dima Nabil Sahouri, Ibrahim Issa Rantissi, Samar Jubran Bishouti, Afram Ibrahim Ozgul
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92710

An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Cultural Intelligence on Conflict Management Styles: Evidence from Jordan
Khaled Tuguz, Rawan Abu Samra, Ibrahem Almallah
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92711

Women’s Participation in the Workforce - Challenges and Characteristics in Jordan
Zeena Moutaz Khalaf, Leen Adel Nakhaleh,
Mervat Waleed Abu Sara
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92712

The role that Nepotism (Wasta) plays in conflict and conflict management within groups in private organizations in Jordan and MENA region
Muna Kilani, Rana Al Junidi, Ruba Al Riziq
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92713

Applying the Expectancy Theory to Explain the Motivation of Public Sector Employees in Jordan
Mira Nimri, Aya Bdair, Hamzeh Al Bitar
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92714

October 2015
Volume 10, Issue 4
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Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92715

Employee Engagement and Internal Communication: A United Arab Emirates Study
Kate O’Neill, Sasha Hodgson, Mariam Al Mazrouei
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92716

Corporate Giving in the Health Sector: A Study on the Malaysian Companies
Dewan Mahboob Hossain, Nurazzura Mohamad Diah
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92717

Antibiotics Resistance of Bacterial Biofilms
Amna Butt, Aisha Khan
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92718

Present Status of Pinus gerardiana Wall. in Pakistan: A Review
Rabail Urooj, Asma Jabeen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92719

Smart city-smart life - Dubai Expo 2020
Bhopendra Singh
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92720

Shopping Satisfaction of Business Travelers: An Exploratory Study in Dubai
Kareem Abdul Waheed, Vikas Tembhare
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92721

Examining the Reasons Behind the Success of the Generic Pharmaceutical Companies: The Case of Sudan Market
Anas Mustafa Ahmed Salim, Gary Mulholland
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92722

Ghost Employees: The Impact of Emiratization Quotas
Awatef Al Riyami, Omar Al Marzouqi, Graduate Student, Nahyan Al Neyadi, Sabry Jamil, Saif Al Mansoori, Sasha Hodgson
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92723

How to read a scientific book: Introducing a well-planned approach
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92724

Illegal blood banks are causing morbidity and mortality due to unsafe blood transfusions in Pakistan - increasing the number of regular unpaid volunteer donors is the solution to this problem
Manzoor Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92725

Fasting and its myths; fasting is a Powerful Healing; take the opportunity and make a fitness plan happen
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92726

January 2016
Volume 11, Issue 1
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Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92755

Women’s Empowerment(I am a (wo)man, but.. Mindful Solace; from empowerment to development)
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92756

Biosurfactants and their Potential Applications for Microbes and Mankind: An Overview
Aisha Khan, Amna Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92757

Disclosure of Green Banking Issues in the Annual Reports: A Study on Bangladeshi Banks
Dewan Mahboob Hossain, Ahmed Talib Sadiq Al Bir, Kazi Md. Tarique, Abdul Momen

DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92758

Is Marxism Still Valid in Industrial Relations Theory?
Anam Russell
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92759

Comparing the Luxury Attitudes of Young Brazilian and Emirati Females
Luciana de A. Gil, Ian Michael, Lester W. Johnson
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92760

How to take part in an interview session: introducing 10 simple but practical guidelines
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92762

Implementation of a wireless sensor network in irrigation system
Qurat-ul-ain Mastoi, Athar Hassan, Zain Gul
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92763

Successful Conversion of a Cost Center to a Profit Center: A Case Study of a United Arab Emirates Company’s Experience
Naqi Sayed, Naureen Mushfique, Camillo Lento
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92764

April 2016
Volume 11, Issue 2
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Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.9276

Impact of Value Creation on Stock Prices: A Study of Amazon.Com, Inc
Esha Jain, Manish Madan, Sonia Singh
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92766

Application of Microfinance in Selected Islamic Banks in Malaysia: Challenges and Prospects
Omar Kachkar, Djafri Fares, Kamaruzaman bin Noordin
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92767

Critical Analysis of British Energy (BE) Financial Developments, Major Stakeholders and Key Regulatory Bodies. Implications for Others and Lessons Learnt
Fazal Haleem
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92768

Islamic Spirituality, Organizational Commitment, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Proposed Conceptual Framework
Djafri Fares, Kamaruzaman bin Noordin
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92769

The Impact of Free Market Economy or Neoliberalism on Labour: Evidence from the Garment Export Sector in Bangladesh
Anam Russell
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92770

Musings: Flashes of our burning dreams
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92771

Philosophy, physics, Einstein’s gravitational waves and black holes for the lay man - an essay
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2015.92772

July 2016
Volume 11, Issue 3
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Editorial - The Shame of Slavery
Lesley Pocock

DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92831

Behavioral Biases And Their Impact On The Satisfaction Of The Investor: A Case Of Small Investors Of Lahore Stock Exchange
Muhammad Asif
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92832

Worker, Work and Work Dynamics
Fazal Haleem
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92833

Retention of knowledge within the private sector organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Alshanbri, N., Khalfan, M. , Maqsood T.,
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92834

The emerging epidemiology of human trafficking and modern
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92835

The Business of Slavery
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92836

Omar Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92837

The New Human Universe
Jim Anderson
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92838

Poetry: Slavery and ran away to freedom
Ebtisam Elghblawi

October 2016
Volume 11, Issue 4
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Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92824

The Turkish Steady State: the Reasons behind a Frozen Economy in View of EU Accession
Angelo Corelli
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92825

Corporate Governance for Family-Owned Enterprises
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92826

Unemployment in Saudi Arabia: The Impact of Foreign Workers on the Middle East Market
Basel Farhan , Melissa Brevetti
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92826

Special Editorial: The Internet
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92828

The recent surge in the Freedom Movement of Kashmiris and the role of Pakistan
Manzoor Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92829

I am a doctor
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2016.92830

January 2017
Volume 12, Issue 1
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The Business of War
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92901

Analyzing performance in the UAE manufacturing industry using the high performance organization framework
André de Waal, Mirna Mroueh, Liesbeth Schiavo
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92902

Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact on Profitability of Banks in the United Arab Emirates
Saigeeta Kukunuru, Sonia Singh
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92903

Assessment and recommendations for effective HR service delivery model implementation for organizations
Joanna J. Harrop
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92904

Ethno-medicinal investigation of floral diversity of Bahawalnagar district, Punjab, Pakistan
Javeria Saleem, Asma Jabeen, Amna Butt
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92905

Determinants of the use of social networking sites: Example of a South Asian state
Seyama Sultana, Abdul Momen

DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92906

Facts sell, stories tell: Clinical, medical and aesthetic dermatology. Ebstisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92907

April 2017
Volume 12, Issue2
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Editorial : Global Leadership
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92941

WASTA: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Ameen Ali Talib
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92942

Effective Business Leadership Styles: A case study of Harriet Green
Ahmad Maez Al Zuned
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92943

The Balanced Scorecard and EVA
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92944


Living in a war zone
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92945

Yet another Middle East 'prisoner of war'
- About our Author, poet and artist
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92946

July 2017
Volume 12, Issue 2
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Editorial : The US Administrations Biggest Mistake
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92967

Strategic Management Practices by Morrison PLC, UK. Analysis, Lessons and Implications
Fazal Haleem, Muhammad Jehangir
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92969

Improving Marketing Knowledge among Israeli SMEs using Metaphor- and Storyline-Based Intervention
Josef Cohen
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92970

Importance of Consumer Trust in e-commerce
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92971

Web-based Corporate Reporting: An Exploratory Study on the Bangladeshi Companies
Ranjan Kumar Mitra, Dewan Mahboob Hossain, Mohammed Mehadi Masud Mazumder
DOI: 0.5742/ MEJB.2017.92972

Toward Learning Organization. Online University: Individual and organizational learning
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92973

Where am I?
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/ MEJB.2017.92974

October 2017
Volume 12, issue 3
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Editorial - Birth and Death in the Universe
Lesley Pocock

Discourse Analysis: An Emerging Trend in Corporate Narrative Research
Dewan Mahboob Hossain
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2017.93084

Globalization Challenges in Project Management
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2017.93085

Musings: Musings: Reflections on after death and after life
Ebtism Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2017.93087

Cyber Crime - the big and the little phish
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2017.93086

A question of Business Ethics: Opinion
Lesley Pocock

January 2018
Volume 13. Issue 1
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Editorial : Ancient universal wisdom and modern day catastrophes
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93182

Web based Entrepreneurship via Social Networking Sites: Bangladesh Perspective
Seyama Sultana, Abdul Momen

Overcoming SMEs’ resistance to learning through a metaphor/storyline approach:A qualitative assessment of a novel marketing intervention
Josef Cohen

Accounting is Broken. Here’s how to fix it: A radical manifesto
Abdurazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93232

A concise study on the history of Bioethics: some reflections
Paulo Nuno Martins

April 2018
Volume 13, Issue 2

Editorial :
Counting the cost
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93375

Innovation in the Workplace: Processes that foster innovation
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93374

The Impact of Job Stress and Empowerment on Employees’ Performance. An Analysis of Private and Public Sector Universities of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Muhammad Khalil Ur Rahman, Nazia Azim
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93373

On the relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction
Muhammad Khalil Ur Rahman, Fazal Haleem
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93372

All Women Count, All Humanity counts
Ebtisam Elghblawi

July 2018
Volume 13, Issue 3

Editorial : Dumb and Dumber
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93463
The moderating effect of age, gender and educational level on relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction: An analysis of the banking sector of Pakistan
Naseer Mohammad, ShaziaAkhtar, Mohammad Khalil Ur Rahman,
Fazal Haleem
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93464

Business and Society
The Architecture of Medical Simulation - Collaborative Design Approach brings sophistication to teaching with procedure-specific silicone simulation
Ben Croudace, Maurice Brygel
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93467

Customer’s Attitude towards Diminishing Partnership Home Financing:
A Comparative Study of Malaysia and Pakistan
Imran Mehboob Shaikh, Kamaruzaman Noordin
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93479

The Arts
Online Exhibition
DOI: 10.5742/MEJB.2018.93468